The INnovation VIability
NeTwork (INVINT)

About Us

Welcome to INVINT!

Are you an inventor or entrepreneur?

Do you have a new idea, invention, or business concept?

Do you want to learn how to protect your ideas?

Or how to develop your business ideas?

We can help!

INVINT educates central Illinois community inventors on making their entrepreneurial goals reality.
Purpose of INVINT

INVINT is a non-profit organization that exists to educate its members and the community on developing innovations and commercializing new ideas.  This education includes, but is not limited to, intellectual property protection, prototype development, grant funding
, manufacturing resources, marketing, investor relations, and entrepreneurial services, just to name a few.  INVINT promotes awareness through various community outreach initiatives and educational workshops.

Who Can Join?

INVINT is open to the public.  The organization is a good fit for inventors with new ideas, entrepreneurs and other professionals with knowledge or experience to lend, and anyone generally wanting to learn more about inventing.

More Information

Click HERE to download our informative brochure

We are always looking for new members. Email us anytime, or just stop by.

We meet at least six times annually, on the third Tuesday of the month at Lincoln Land Community College in the Millennium Center, Room 2203, located at 5250 Shepherd Rd., in Springfield, IL.  Meetings are $5 each for Guests.  Annual Membership is prorated as follows: $20 (July 1 - September 30), $15 (October 1 - December 31), $10 (January 1 - March 31), and $5 (April 1 - June 30).  We do not meet in the months of July and December.

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